Gun Cleaning Pros

If you want to be a gun cleaning pro then you have to learn the basics of gun cleaning. That means spending time to do the work, watching youtube videos on cleaning, and attending classes. I have been teaching basic gunsmithing gun cleaning courses for over three decades and I’m here to share my secrets with you.


The first thing that I’ll teach you is that your gun should always be clean if you want it to perform.


A good gun cleaning kit is worth it’s weight in gold.


You can find the best gun cleaning kit for under $100, which isn’t a lot of money in comparison to your guns.


Learning to use your kit is easy and all your usually need is a little bit of gun cleaning solvent. The Hoppe’s bore cleaner is one of my personal favorites and only costs a few dollars. You will also need a lubricant and protector because a bore cleaner isn’t enough.


After you have your bore cleaner and your universal gun cleaning kit you should be ready to go. You will want to put on some eye wear to protect your eyes from the gun cleaning solvent.


You should think about using a gun vise to secure your firearm if it’s a long gun. A hand gun generally doesn’t need to be tied down with a gun vise but a rifle or shotgun can benefit greatly.


After you have you gun tied down in the vise it’s time to break it open and do some cleaning.

Using a bore snake kit can save you a lot of time. Back in old days before the before snake became popular, I would spend as much time cleaning my guns as shooting them.


The bore snakes are getting better and better every year and now do a really good job of cleaning your guns.


All you need to do is spray a little of the best gun cleaning solvent on your bore snake and run it though your gun. It’s a cheaper option to a gun cleaning kit and doesn’t work as well as a cleaning rod but it’s better than nothing.


What you want to do is simply spray your bore snake and then use a cotton swab to wash off the remainder of the oil.